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Purchase Toyota Sightline Wiper Blades at Ackerman Toyota

Having the correct windshield wiper blades installed on your vehicle becomes crucial during inclement weather. There is nothing worse than reduced visibility due to windshield wipers that leave streaks behind. If you have been installing aftermarket windshield wipers to your vehicle purchased from your neighborhood automotive or big box store, consider upgrading to OEM specific parts like Toyota Sightline wiper blades. Toyota Sightline wiper blades, and similar options from other brands, are specifically crafted to fit the curvature of your make and model and provide a high-quality performance that can’t be matched with generic parts. Learn more about wiper blade performance below with answers to common questions starting with why are my windshield wipers so loud?

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Why are my windshield wipers so loud?

The automotive lingo for the noise your windshield wipers make when bouncing around your windshield is called chattering. Chattering can occur for a number of reasons including installing the wrong size wiper, worn wiper blades, a dirty windshield, dirty wiper blades, or even a bent wiper blade arm. First, make sure that you have high-quality wiper blades installed that are the right fit for your make and model of vehicle. Then, start by cleaning your windshield and wiper blades thoroughly. If the problem isn’t resolved, bring your vehicle into your preferred service center and have them check for a bent wiper blade arm. A bent wiper blade arm can usually be fixed with a pair of pliers pretty quickly.

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Why are my windshield wipers leaving streaks?

There are a few reasons why your windshield wipers might be leaving streaks behind. The first and most obvious answer is that you have a windshield wiper installed that is low quality, the wrong size, or worn out. Assuming you have installed a premium windshield wiper option like Toyota Sightline blades recently, then there are a few other things it could be that are relatively easy to fix. The first is a dirty windshield wiper. If there is any dirt or debris stuck to your windshield wiper, it can be left behind in large streaks. Use a damp cloth to gently clean your wipers and then dry them and the problem should be handled. Another possibility is that you are not utilizing your windshield wiper fluid. You should be using windshield wiper fluid when snow, dirt, or debris is on your windshield as wipers alone could just smear the contents over your windshield.

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