Who has the right of way at a roundabout?

Roundabout Rules You Should Be Following

There is something about roundabouts that rubs some drivers the wrong way. However, we think they should be embraced. They reduce traffic congestion and significantly decrease the chances for an accident in busy intersections. Plus, once you understand how they work they are really simple to use. One question we hear asked a lot is – who has the right of way at a roundabout? We answer this along with other roundabout rules you should be following below.

Who has the right of way at a roundabout?

Yield to drivers already in the roundabout

Knowing when to yield is one of the most important rules of a roundabout. Drivers should always yield to any traffic that is approaching from the left. Once traffic from the left has cleared, drivers roundabout with traffic at nightmay proceed to enter the roundabout.

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Never Stop

Unless you are yielding to traffic in front of you, you should never stop in a roundabout. Roundabouts were built to keep traffic moving and stopping in the middle of one could be dangerous to yourself as well as to other drivers.

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Give Large Vehicles Space

Larger vehicles may need to occupy more than one lane while going through a roundabout. Drivers in small cars should slow and give them room to maneuver to keep everyone safe.

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Signal Before Exiting

This rule is one we find that many people don’t know. Yes, you should be using your turn signal to show other car drivers when you plan on exiting. If you plan on going straight, use your right turn signal immediately after you pass the right turn exit to signal your intentions.

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