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What does the ECO Mode button in my Toyota do?

While Toyota models equipped with an ECO Mode button are likely already competitive in the fuel economy department, using the ECO Mode function can optimize their fuel-sipping capabilities even further. Just what does pressing the ECO Mode button do and when should drivers be using it for the best results? We break it down below. 

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When Should I Use Toyota ECO Mode?

When the ECO Mode on an equipped Toyota model is activated by the driver, the vehicle will automatically adjust vehicle settings to optimize fuel use. Climate control, heating and cooling, and power may all be reduced to keep fuel use as low as possible. 

While drivers should have plenty of power for any driving scenario with ECO Mode activated, we recommend another driving mode like Normal or Sport when optimum performance under the hood or faster heating and cooling becomes a higher priority than fuel consumption. 

Which Toyota Models Have An Available ECO Mode?

In addition to ECO Mode, select Toyota models may also be outfitted with Normal and Sport driving modes for different driving scenarios. In Normal Mode, the model will find an optimum balance between performance and fuel usage that offers the best driving experience for everyday driving. Sport Mode will put the largest priority on performance and handling for drivers looking to get a little more response from their accelerator.  These selectable drive modes are just one more way that Toyota is handing over the controls to the driver so they can get the premium driving experience that suits their needs and the current driving conditions best.

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