What is Lane Departure Warning?

Your Guide to Toyota Safety Sense

In the last few years, innovations in the automobile industry have exploded. Never before have there been so many new features available that were not even possible as few as five years ago. This is especially true when it comes to safety. New innovations always come with a learning curve and the new terminology can be confusing. We wanted to help break down some questions we have been hearing recently at the Ackerman Toyota dealership. What is Lane Departure Warning? What is Toyota Safety Sense? If you are wondering, then keep reading.

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What is Lane Departure Warning?

Lane Departure Warning (or Lane Departure Alert) is a feature that helps drivers remain in the correct lane. Vehicle sensors on the front of the vehicle detect and track clearly marked lane lines. If at any point in time the vehicle detects itself going out of the lane lines, and there is no turn signal on, it will alert the driver. The driver can then safely steer the car back into the correct lane. There is also Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist that is designed to automatically steer the vehicle back into the correct lane.

Other Available Toyota Safety Sense Features

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closeup of steering wheel while drivingPre-Collision System

Pre-Collision system is designed to alert the driver, and potential apply the brakes, if it detects a potential frontal collision with another vehicle. There is also a Pre-Collison System with Pedestrian Detection that adds the ability to track pedestrians in your path to avoid potential collisions.

Automatic High Beams

In nighttime driving, the Automatic High Beams system will use a camera in the front of your vehicle to detect oncoming traffic. When there is no oncoming traffic your high beams will automatically turn on for increased visibility and when there is oncoming traffic detected the high beams will automatically turn off.

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Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

An intelligent camera will detect the car in front of you and automatically slow down when it senses you are getting too close. When there is enough room, the car will then accelerate until you reach the preset speed.

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