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What do the dashboard warning lights in my Toyota mean?

How many times have you seen a light on your dashboard illuminate, and not know what it meant? This can be a scary situation because you are not sure if you should b-line it for the mechanic, pull over for a few minutes, or just go straight home. Keep reading as we explore the answer to the question, what do the dashboard warning lights in my Toyota mean?

2020 Toyota SupraToyota Dashboard Warning Lights

Below, we have listed the most common dashboard lights that can be found in most Toyota vehicles. Your vehicle might have additional lights. If it does, consult your owner’s manual for additional information.

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Toyota ABS Warning LightABS

Indicates a glitch in ABS or brake assist system

Toyota Charging System Warning LightCharging System Warning Light

There is an error in your vehicle’s charging system

Toyota Cruise Control IndicatorCruise Control Indicator

Cruise Control has been turned on

Toyota Electric Power Steering Warning LightElectric Power Steering Warning Light

There is an issue with the EPS system

Toyota Headlight IndicatorHeadlight Indicator

Your lights are on

Toyota High-Beam Headlight IndicatorHigh-Beam Headlight indicator

Your high-beam headlights are on

Toyota Low Engine Oil Pressure Warning LightLow Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light

The engine oil pressure is too low

Toyota Low Fuel Level Warning LightLow Fuel Level Warning Light

Get to a gas station soon

Toyota Low Washer Fluid Warning LightLow Washer Fluid Warning Light

Your vehicle is low on washer fluid

Toyota Maintenance required Reminder LightMaintenance required reminder Light

Some sort of maintenance is required

Toyota Security IndicatorSecurity Indicator

With smart key – light flashes after the engine start-stop switch has been turned off and stops flashing once switched to accessory or ignition on
Without smart key – the light flashes when the key has been removed and stops flashing when the key is in the ignition

Toyota Slip Indicator LightSlip Indicator

Warns that the tires are spinning and the VSC/TRAC systems are running

Toyota SRS Warning LightSRS airbag on-off indicator

An occupant classification system that turns on and off the airbag for the passenger in the front seat

Toyota SRS Warning LightSRS warning light

Detects a malfunction in the SRS airbag system, front passenger occupant classification system, or seatbelt pretensioner system

Toyota Tire Pressure Warning LightTire Pressure Warning Light

The pressure in one of your tires is low

Toyota TRAC Off IndicatorTRAC Off indicator

If needed to turn off, quickly press and release the TRAC switch, this light should come on
Press the switch again to turn the system back on

Toyota Turn Signal IndicatorTurn Signal Indicator

You have turned on the left or right turn signal

Toyota VSC OFF IndicatorVSC Off indicator

When your vehicle is stopped, push and hold the switch to turn the system off
Push the switch again to turn the system back on

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