What are the best used cars for new drivers?

Vehicle Safety Most Important for Teen Drivers

Whether you are a teen who has scrounged up your pennies or a parent looking for a 16th birthday gift, it’s important to make your budget stretch when purchasing a first car for a new driver. Finding that perfect car requires research and flexibility, but with our help we are confident that you can find a reliable, budget-friendly, and most importantly safe vehicle. So, what are the best used cars for new drivers? Find our suggestions below.

What are the most reliable used cars?

What are the best used cars for new drivers?

New Driver being scored by instructorBefore we dive in to car models, let’s talk about what we think are some of the most important things to keep in mind when purchasing a vehicle for a new driver. Our first suggestion is to make sure that whatever vehicle you choose is reliable. The less a new driver has to worry about paying for costly repairs or an entirely new vehicle, the more money they will have for school, housing, and starting a savings account.

Our second piece of advice is to spend your money where it matters most. In our opinion up-to-date safety features are worth the price of gold for inexperienced drivers. Try looking for a used car that is only a few years old and comes in a lower trim level for that model. The newer model year will help ensure modern safety features are present and the lower trim level will keep the budget in check so you don’t have to pay for unnecessary convenience features.

Third, try looking for a vehicle size/weight that is between a midsize sedan or a small SUV. Lighter compact cars are more likely to suffer damage in a crash while weightier and larger vehicles will provide added protection.

Our Vehicle Suggestions

To help narrow down the field we have listed some suggestions for vehicles you may want to browse first below. We think these cars combine safety and value that is important in a first car purchase.