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Do I really need to use genuine Toyota motor oil?

Your car is likely one of the largest investments you will ever make, and following the Toyota recommended service intervals and maintenance guidelines is the best way to ensure that your car will run optimally and retain is overall value for years to come. We have put together some answers to FAQs surrounding Toyota oil changes below.

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Toyota Oil Change FAQs

Do I need to use genuine Toyota motor oil?

oil spilling out of a grey plastic oil bottleDepending on your warranty and/or leasing obligations, it is not necessary to use genuine Toyota motor oil as long as you are using a high-quality oil of the same weight. However, for the best possible performance, genuine Toyota motor oil is recommended because it includes a blend of additives specifically formulated to help your Toyota run smoothly until your next service appointment.

Do I need to have my oil changed at a Toyota service center?

No. Depending on your warranty and/or leasing obligations, it is not necessary to have your oil changed at a certified Toyota service center. However, it is recommended. Customers receiving oil changes at Toyota service centers can be assured that their vehicle is receiving the best possible care and product available including genuine Toyota motor oil and Toyota oil filters. Using products that aren’t formulated properly for your specific model could result in damage to your engine.

Can I switch between regular and synthetic oil?

For specific requirements on your vehicle’s oil needs, refer to your owner’s manual. In general, owners wishing to switch from regular to synthetic oil can do so as long as they are using the same weight. Owners wishing to switch from synthetic oil to regular oil should only do so if their vehicle requirements do not specify they should be using synthetic oil exclusively.

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