Man using Toyota remote connect on his smart watch

Connect to Select Toyota Models Remotely with Entune 3.0

The new Toyota Entune 3.0 system has been receiving a lot of buzz for bringing Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa compatibility to the Toyota lineup. While those features are exciting, they are just a part of what Toyota Entune 3.0 is capable of. Another one of our favorite Entune 3.0 features is remote connect which allows drivers to access vehicle functionality from their smartphone or watch. Learn more below.

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Toyota Entune 3.0 Remote Connect Features

Remote Lock/Unlock

Remote connect allows drivers to access the lock and unlock features of their vehicle from any distance as long as both have internet connectivity available. It’s the perfect feature for drivers who can never remember if their car is safety locked or for allowing access for a friend who forgot their belongings.

Remote Start

Especially great for drivers who live in climates with extremely hot and/or cold weather, remote connect can start and run the vehicle for up to ten minutes before entry giving everything time to heat up or cool down for maximum comfort. Unlike traditional remote start systems that need to within range to start the vehicle, this remote connect feature can be used anywhere.

Find Your Vehicle Feature

Forgot where you parked? No problem in Toyota models equipped with remote connect. Just use the remote connect app to pull up a map of your surroundings that will guide you straight to your vehicle.

Vehicle Status

When the vehicle is off, drivers can select to receive status alerts about a variety of things including open doors, an open trunk, open windows, and even the amount of gas left in the tank for planning your next trip.

Guest Driver Monitor

Whether sharing your vehicle with a family member, friend or a valet driver, vehicle owners are always in control with Guest Driver Monitor. Owners can choose to receive updates on a variety of vehicle stats when their vehicle is in the hands of someone else including speed and driving distance.

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