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How often do I need to replace my Toyota air filters?

There are two air filters in your Toyota. One helps filter air before it goes in your engine and one helps filter air before it goes in your cabin. Both need to be changed at regular intervals to make sure your engine is protected and the air you are breathing is clean. Keep reading to learn about the suggested intervals for Toyota engine and cabin air filter replacement below.

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Toyota Engine and Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Mechanic with a notepad and pencil taking notes above a car engineEngine Air Filter Replacement

Your engine air filter replacement schedule will vary depending on your specific model and your daily driving conditions. You can find your engine filter replacement timeline in your owner’s manual, but, in general, engine air filters should be changed every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. Driving in heavy dust or on unpaved roads could mean you need to replace it sooner. Your mechanic should check your engine air filter during the course of a regular oil change and you should be able to ask them what condition it’s in and get a replacement at that time if necessary.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Your cabin air filter helps to filter the air from your heating and air conditioning systems before it enters your cabin. Keeping it changed during regular intervals can help to ensure that you have quality air circulating inside your vehicle. Like with the engine air filter, the replacement interval will be different with all drivers depending on driving habits. Your owner’s manual will give you a specific timeline, but most drivers try to stick to a yearly replacement.

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