Which Toyota model offers the best towing capacity?

Are you interested in a new Toyota model with towing abilities? You’re in luck. The 2019 Toyota lineup offers a large selection of crossover and truck models with a wide range of towing capacities and skills. For smaller towing tasks like a pop-up camper or small trailer, a crossover or SUV like the 2019 RAV4 or 2019 Highlander might fit your needs. For larger towing needs, pickup trucks like the 2019 Tundra and 2019 Tacoma or large SUVs like the 2019 Sequoia may be more practical. Find a towing capacity comparison of each 2019 Toyota crossover and SUV below.

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Toyota Crossover and Truck Towing Capacity Comparison

2019 Toyota Tacoma parked on a grassy slope

2019 Toyota Tacoma

Max Towing Capacity: 6,800 pounds
Max Payload Capacity: 1,620 pounds

2019 Toyota Tundra launching a boat into the water

2019 Toyota Tundra

Max Towing Capacity: 10,200 pounds
Max Payload Capacity: 1,730 pounds

2019 Toyota RAV4 parked at an overlook near the ocean

2019 Toyota RAV4

Max Towing Capacity: 3,500 pounds
Max Payload Capacity: 1,240 pounds

2019 Toyota Highlander exterior in red

2019 Toyota Highlander

Max Towing Capacity: 5,000 pounds
Max Payload Capacity: 1,602 pounds

two people sitting in the back of the 2019 Toyota 4Runner

2019 Toyota 4Runner

Max Towing Capacity: 5,000 pounds
Max Payload Capacity: 1,700 pounds

2019 Toyota Sequoia towing an airstream

2019 Toyota Sequoia

Max Towing Capacity: 7,400 pounds
Max Payload Capacity: 1,405 pounds

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser front fascia

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser

Max Towing Capacity: 8,100 pounds
Max Payload Capacity: 1,570 pounds

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Keep in mind that the towing capacity and payload figures listed above are the max capabilities. Not all configurations and trim levels will be able to tow that much. For more specific Toyota towing information, visit your nearest Toyota dealership for some personalized help and recommendations. Always following the towing guidelines set forth in your owner’s  manual. Find the current 2019 Toyota lineup on sale now at Ackerman Toyota in St. Louis.

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