Toyota Aids Paralyzed Veteran with a Robot Sidekick

Toyota Research Department Creates a Human Support Robot

Everyone is familiar with the Toyota brand for its lineup of well-loved vehicles. However, that is not all that they do. With a mission to increase mobility for all, Toyota has been conducting research on how they can make a difference in the lives of people with limited mobility. One area that they have seen success in is building human support robots that can help people with disabilities have increased mobility and independence in their lives. Recently, Toyota has aided a paralyzed veteran with a robot sidekick for his home. See the story below.

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Toyota Aids Paralyzed Veteran with a Robot Sidekick

Romulo (Romy) Camargo is a decorated U.S. war veteran with war injuries that have left him paralyzed from the neck down. Previous to his injuries, Romy was a very active man. Now, he needs help for most all daily activities. Toyota has been working with Romy to test out their new human support robot technology. He even got the first ever in-home trial where the robot worked to deliver him water and open his door, all activities which previously he would have needed help from his family to achieve. Unfortunately, it was just a test and Romy had to give the robot back. However, Toyota’s research into human support robots is rapidly expanding and soon in-home human support robots could be a reality for people with disabilities and people with limited mobility. Toyota previously worked with Romy by partially funding his non-profit recovery center Stay in Step that supports veterans and civilans who have spinal cord injuries. Check out a video that highlights the Toyota research team, Romy, and the human support robot below.


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