Close up of a Toyota touchscreen with the Entune App suite

Toyota Announces a New Addition to its Infotainment System at CES 2018

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a tradeshow built to showcase emerging technologies in a variety of fields including automotive. Each year Toyota showcases the innovative technologies they have been working on for the past year. This year, Toyota announced a few advancements in its brand including the addition of Amazon Alexa to select Toyota Entune 3.0 systems in 2018.

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Toyota Adding Amazon Alexa to Select Toyota Entune 3.0 Systems in 2018

“We’re thrilled that Toyota and Lexus will bring Alexa to customers on the road. Our vision for Alexa is that she should be everywhere a customer might need her – at home, in the office, on phones – and in cars. This integration means that customers can interact with Alexa, virtually anywhere they drive,” said John Scumniotales, head of product for Amazon Alexa Automotive.

The announcement is great news for Toyota customers who have been missing the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features from the Entune 3.0 system. While Amazon’s Alexa doesn’t offer the exact feature set as Apple CarPlay, she offers features car shoppers are looking for most like navigation and audio connectivity. She also offers the unique ability to stay connected to your smart home. If your smart home features are connected to Alexa, you will be able to do things like adjusting your home’s temperature before you arrive or turning on and off your lights from the road.

Toyota e-Palette concept vehicle on stage at CES 2018
Toyota e-Palette concept vehicle graphic
Toyota Concept-i vehicle parked in front of a modern concrete building with a lot of windows
View through the sunroof of the Toyota Concept-i vehicle

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Other CES 2018 Announcements by Toyota

Along with the announcement about Alexa, Toyota is also showcasing a handful of concept vehicles at CES 2018 including the e-Palette Concept focused on battery-powered delivery and transport, an expanded Concept-i series that utilizes AI programming, the TRI Platform 3.0 which is Toyota’s self-driving model, and the Fine-Comfort Ride which is Toyota’s newest fuel cell model.