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Total HUman Model for Safety: THUMS

New and improved crash test dummy, St. Louis

We have all seen the crash dummies that car manufacturers use. These are important because engineers can see what happens to a person in an accident. While this worked well to get a basic understanding of how the airbags will deploy and what parts of the body will be affected, this was not full proof. Humans have bones and organs, the dummies did not until the Total Human Model for Safety: THUMS was introduced. Keep reading below to learn more about the new and improved crash test dummy.  

Crash Test DummyWhat is THUMS and when was it introduced?

THUMS is a computer-generated crash test dummy that has bones, ligaments, organs, and other parts that are similar to the human body. It was originally introduced in 2000 and has helped Toyota engineers understand how to make a vehicle safer. This information is based on what happens to THUMS during a crash. Although this began as a Toyota product, they have shared their technology with other companies in hopes of keeping all people safe on the road.

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How did THUMS begin?

Some of the bones found in the human body originally made up THUMS. Engineers were having a better understanding of how to keep vehicles safer based on the bones that were and were not being harmed in a crash. Upgrades have continued to be made to this technology, and now THUMS has a brain, organs, muscles, and more! With all of these upgrades, engineers can even tell what will happen during a crash when a driver’s leg is braced and relaxed.

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Truck with new cars going over bridgeHow will THUMS help in the future?

In the future, there will be fewer people driving and more cars will be driving themselves. This presents a whole new set of challenges. People will now have the option to get away from behind the steering wheel. With THUMS, engineers could see what happens to a person that is sitting behind the wheel. Now people will be positioned very differently in a vehicle that is being driven autonomously.

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