Someone driving while texting

Is talking on the phone while driving illegal in Missouri?

Cell phone use is one of the largest contributors to distracted driving and accidents. While we all know how bad it is to take your eyes off the road to send that message, not all states have created laws that specifically ban it. Where does Missouri stand? We discuss cell phone use and texting laws for Missouri drivers below.

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Missouri Driving Laws: Cell Phone Use and Texting

Close up shot of someone texting while behind the wheel of a carCalling and Texting

In Missouri, all drivers can make calls with their cell phone. Other phone use like texting, playing games, or looking at photos is banned for drivers under 21 years of age or those with a commercial license. Although, for safety, all drivers regardless of age should refrain from looking at their phone from behind the wheel.

Distracted Driving

While texting and calling are not banned outright for all drivers in Missouri, that doesn’t mean that drivers caught looking at their phones instead of the road are off the hook. Citations for distracted driving can be given out to drivers who aren’t being safe and they can come with some serious fines.

Laws around cell phone use vary by state. Be sure to follow local rules and regulations when driving. Laws are also subject to change at any time. The information above is to be used as a guideline only and interested parties should connect with a local law enforcement officer for up-to-date information.

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