2019 Toyota RAV4 front interior seats and steering wheel

Second-Generation Toyota Active Safety Suite Debuting in 2019 Models

Toyota has always prioritized safety. Most models in their 2018 lineup include the award-winning Toyota Safety Sense system, a suite of active safety meant to lessen the impact of distracted driving and create safer roads. While the Toyota Safety Sense system remains class-leading, Toyota is taking it a step further with their 2019 lineup. Select 2019 Toyota models will be equipped with the second-generation Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 system featuring updates and improvements on the original.

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Introducing Toyota Safety Sense 2.0

Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection

The original pre-collision system with pedestrian detection by Toyota scans the road in front of equipped vehicles to detect any potential for oncoming frontal collisions. If a threat is detected, the vehicle uses auditory signals to alert the driver to slow down. If no intervention is detected, the vehicle pumps the brakes automatically. In the new and improved version, Toyota has made improvements to visibility during low-light conditions and has added the ability to detect bicyclists during daytime driving.

Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

The Toyota Safety Sense adaptive cruise control feature that automatically adjusts cruise control speeds has also been updated for the 2.0 active safety system. The new iteration has a wider range graphic of a Toyota vehicle pausing for a man on a bicycleof speeds and enhanced controls for a smoother experience.

Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist

The original lane departure alert system uses technology to detect lane markings on the road. This ability allows the vehicle to alert drivers via audio and visual cues that the vehicle may be drifting out of the lane. Steering assist can gently nudge the vehicle back into place if no driver intervention is detected. For the 2.0 iteration, Toyota has added the ability to see the road’s edge increasing the system’s ability to keep the vehicle in the center of each lane.

Automatic High Beams

The automatic high beam feature on the original Toyota Safety Sense system will not be changing. The automatic high beam system automatically turns high beam headlights off when another vehicle is detected on the road and turns them back on when the vehicle has passed.

Lane Tracing Assist

Lane tracing assist is an all-new feature for Toyota Safety Sense 2.0. Lane tracing assist is currently for highway driving only and tracks the middle of the lane to provide steering support for drivers on long trips or in tight traffic.

Road Sign Assist

Road sign assist is also a brand-new feature for Toyota Safety Sense 2.0. Road sign assist can detect select traffic signs and display the sign information on Toyota digital driver gauges.

As of right now, we know that the 2019 Toyota Avalon and the 2019 Toyota RAV4 are set to debut with the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 system. Keep following the Ackerman Toyota blog for more updates and keep checking the Ackerman inventory to see when 2019 Toyota models have arrived.