Hybrid Driving Tips to Maximize Your MPG

Increase your Toyota hybrid fuel economy by following these guidelines

Chances are if you own a Toyota hybrid vehicle it means you are concerned about gas mileage and/or are spending a large amount of time behind the wheel. The good news is that Toyota hybrid vehicles are built to maximize fuel economy on every single trip. However, driving habits can also play a big part in whether your car sips or chugs fuel. Check out our hybrid driving tips to maximize your mpg below and try and incorporate them into your driving behavior to reduce trips to the gas station and keep money in your wallet.

What are Toyota’s hybrid models?

Hybrid Driving Tips to Maximize Your MPG

Brake early

Your hybrid vehicle is equipped with regenerative braking technology which means that when you slowly brake your car is generating electricity. If you brake sudden and hard your car is not able to generate as much electricity for use in your drive. That generated electricity is normally used to offset fuel consumption which means you may need to use more gas overall.

2017-Toyota-camry-Hybrid-driver-displayTake advantage of EV Mode and ECO Mode

Toyota hybrid vehicles have four driving modes: normal, EV, ECO, and power. Each drive your car will begin in normal mode until you manually change the settings. EV and ECO modes can help to reduce fuel consumption in certain situations. EV mode is great for city driving and will power your car using only electricity. ECO mode can help to limit the throttle response from heavy acceleration and can also limit the power used by certain vehicle functions like your A/C.

Understand your hybrid display indicators

A hybrid information display in your dashboard is available to show you how your car is using energy at all points of your drive. It can also tell you the approximate miles per gallon you are getting at any given point. Try watching this information display and seeing how certain driving behaviors like quick acceleration will make the mpg jump. Knowing what is making your mpg skyrocket can help you eliminate some of those driving behaviors.

Additional Fuel Savers

These fuel saving tips will help reduce fuel consumption no matter which Toyota model you are driving.

  • Reduce excess weight by storing only necessities in the trunk
  • Keep you tire pressure at the recommended level
  • Use air conditioning over open windows at highway speeds
  • Avoid sudden braking and accelerating when possible
  • Keep up with regular vehicle maintenance

Keep checking back with the Ackerman Toyota blog for more driving tips and tricks. Is there something you would like us to cover in a future blog? Leave a comment below!