Christmas tree on top of a car roof

Can I transport a Christmas tree on the top of my Toyota with no roof rack?

Before you bring the family to the local Christmas tree farm, it’s important that you have a plan for safety and securely bringing the tree home. Unfortunately, if you have a Toyota that does not have a roof rack, transporting your tree on the top of your car isn’t a good idea. Not only will the tree not be as secure, but the ropes and cords used to hold it tight will need to go through your door or window which can cause some damage to your vehicle’s exterior or to your door seals. Keep reading to see some of our best suggestions for how to safely haul a Christmas tree when you don’t have a roof rack below.

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Father and son carrying a tree out of a tree lotHow To Safely Haul A Christmas Tree Without a Roof Rack

Cargo Space or Truck Bed

The best method for hauling a large tree with no roof rack is to secure it in a cargo space or truck bed. Depending on your model, you may be able to fold your rear seats flat leaving extra room for a tall tree. A Toyota truck bed should also give you plenty of versatility for tying everything down. If your car is too small to transport a tree in your cargo area, it’s time to start looking for other solutions like a friend with a truck or possible delivery.


Most Christmas tree farms offer tree delivery for a small fee. This is a great no-hassle way to ensure that your tree gets to your house safely and with no damage. If you want to save on the delivery fees, you could find a friend with a larger vehicle and pay them in pizza or Christmas cookies.

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Before setting your tree in the back of your cargo space or on your truck bed, make sure to secure the branches to the tree trunk with twine or netting. This will help keep everything secure and will make it possible to fit the tree in and out of the car and doorways until it’s time for setup.