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What does the maintenance required light on my Toyota dashboard mean?

Toyota dashboard warning lights are a useful tool for drivers who want to stay up to date with routine maintenance or fix small problems before they become large and costly. The problem is, sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what your Toyota dashboard warning lights mean. One light that you have likely to seen lit up is the maintenance required light that displays at MAINT REQD on your dashboard.

The sole purpose of this light is to display every 5,000 miles as a reminder to get an oil change. However, occasionally, if you change your own oil, get an oil change before the 5,000-mile mark, or visit a service center that isn’t Toyota certified, the light can remain on. If that has happened to you, find instructions for resetting the Toyota maintenance required light below.

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Toyota maintenance required light

How to reset the Toyota maintenance required light

Resetting the Toyota maintenance required light is fairly easy. First, turn your vehicle on and make sure the odometer is displaying miles and not a trip meter. Then, turn your vehicle off and press and hold the trip meter reset button. While still pressing the button, turn your keys clockwise enough to turn your vehicle on but not far enough to start it. Keep pressing the button while watching the odometer. It should flash and/or display zeros before reappearing as normal. You can now release the trip reset button and the Toyota maintenance required light should be off.

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Schedule Toyota Service in St. Louis

The Ackerman Toyota service center in St. Louis is your trusted source for Toyota maintenance both large and small. If you are still having trouble resetting your Toyota maintenance required light after following the steps outlined above, bring your Toyota in and we can help you fix the problem. Our online service scheduling page makes it easy to schedule an appointment online at a time that is convenient, but if you have an immediate concern, walk in appointments are also sometimes possible.