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How can I get my car to heat up faster?

There’s nothing worse than being stuck inside a cold car in the depths of winter with a heater that is blowing out cold air. Why is it that the warm air always seems to kick in right as you reach your destination? Luckily for drivers who hate the cold, there are a few tips and tricks to make your car’s cabin heat up a little more quickly on cold mornings and winter drives.

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How To Quickly Warm Up Your Vehicle in Winter

Start Driving

Someone pushing the AC button inside a carBecause the heat from the engine is what warms up the air, driving your car rather than waiting in idle will actually help the cabin to heat up faster because the engine will be working harder. While you will still need to battle a cold cabin for the first few minutes of your drive, the warmer air will be worth it.

Use Automatic Climate Control

If your vehicle is equipped with an automatic climate control feature, use it. The system is designed to automatically adjust settings that will help your cabin reach your desired temperature as fast as possible. If you have your auto climate control turned on a high heat setting but no air is coming out of the vents, don’t worry. The air will arrive once it has been heated to the desired temperature.

Turn The Fan Off and the Settings To Cold

If you don’t have an automatic climate control feature, utilize some of the strategies that the system employs by turning your fans off and your temperature settings to cold while the car is first warming up. Adjusting your settings in this way will ensure that the hot air your vehicle is generating is trapped in the engine area rather than blowing away which can help to prevent heat loss. After a few minutes, turn your settings to hot and turn the fans on and you will be treated to nice warm air.

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