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Where is the spare tire located in the Toyota Sienna?

The Toyota Sienna is one of our favorite family haulers thanks to its spacious interior and standard active safety. While it also happens to be one of the most reliable minivans on the road, occasionally all vehicles run into trouble and Sienna owners may need to access its spare tire. Learn how to locate and lower the spare tire on the Toyota Sienna minivan below.

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flat tire on a carHow To Locate and Lower The Toyota Sienna’s Spare Tire

Different model years of the Toyota Sienna could have different spare tire instructions and locations. The Sienna spare tire information provided in this post is for Sienna model years 2010-2018. Specific spare tire information for your exact model can always be found in your owner’s manual which you should keep stored in your glove compartment.

The Toyota Sienna’s spare tire is tucked underneath the vehicle under the second-row seats on the passenger side. Drivers will need specific tools for accessing the spare which can be found in a secret wall panel in the cargo space on the right-hand side. After pulling back the panel, drivers will be able to access a tire jack, tire bag, and set of tools to access the spare tire. Un-attach the silver adaptor socket and long metal jack handle from the back of the wall panel. Open the sliding side door on the passenger side and push the front passenger seat all of the way forward and the second-row seats on the passenger side all the way back. Look for a small latch under the floor mat. When lifted, the latch will reveal a nut that can be twisted using the adaptor socket and jack handle. Twisting the nut will lower the spare tire so that it can be accessed from underneath the Sienna.

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Schedule A Toyota Service Appointment in St. Louis

After attaching the spare tire, drivers should head to their nearest Toyota service center for replacement tires as the spare should be driven on for as short a time as possible. Drivers in need of Toyota tire services in St. Louis can head to the Ackerman Toyota service center at 2020 Hampton Avenue in St. Louis.