Man wipes down newly-washed car.

We have tips to prepare your car for spring.

How to get your vehicle ready for spring

It is now March, which means spring will officially be starting in a few weeks! As hard as the winter was on all of us, it may have been even harder on our vehicles. If snow and ice weren’t bad enough, our cars had to put up with the salt, brine, and in some cases, accidents and ditches. If you were wondering how to get your vehicle ready for spring, look no further. Ackerman Toyota has put together a few tips that will have you driving easy for the year to come! Read on to learn more.

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Spring cleaning tips to get your car ready for the rest of the year

  1. Check your tires. | The constant freezing and thawing, especially near the end of the winter season, is particularly tough on your car’s tires. Even if the tire pressure light isn’t on, make sure your tires are filled to the correct levels. If your car has snow tires, this is also the best time to switch back to your all-season tires.
  2. Wash or detail your car. | All of the snow and ice that gets compacted onto and into your car throughout the winter needs to be removed. The compacting snow and ice can carry in salt and sand with it, which stays behind long after the snow and ice melts. A deep-cleaning car wash will protect against corrosion and unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle’s body. A detailing will also be beneficial. A deep-clean on your car’s interior will help remove salt stains, sand and other debris living in your car all winter.
  3. Replace your wiper blades. | No season is harder on your wiper blades than winter. All winter, they work overtime on the ice, snow, sleet, hail, sand, salt, etc. For a small investment, you can ensure that you’ll have obstruction-free driving for the rest of the year.
  4. Top off your fluids. | When winter ends, take your car in for a much-needed check-up. A service technician will check and replace the oil and other fluids such as wiper fluid, engine coolant, etc. Technicians will also look at your car overall, and address and diagnose any problems that may have occurred during the winter.
  5. Update your emergency kit. | It makes sense to always keep an emergency kit in your vehicle, in case the inevitable happens. However, make sure to replace and update items in it seasonally. Now that the weather is warming, ditch the heavy outerwear and snowboots. It would be beneficial to add light clothing, maybe a pair of sandals, and some bottled water.

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Spring is fast approaching, and it’s time to make sure that you and your car are prepared! Our team at Ackerman Toyota is committed to providing top-notch service and making sure you’re not caught out in the cold as the temperature warms up!

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