How much trunk space does the Toyota Camry have?

How much trunk space does the Toyota Camry have?

Before investing in a new vehicle, it is important to look at all the features and capabilities it has to offer. You should make sure it can handle daily tasks that you encounter. One aspect that drivers often over look when they are searching for a new vehicle is trunk space. It’s easy to get distracted and forget to check this area of a vehicle. Today we’re going to take a look at how much trunk space the Toyota Camry has, so you can decide if it is the perfect fit for your transportation needs.

2017 Toyota Camry Cargo Capacity

The Toyota Camry is a popular mid-size sedan option. It has seating for up to five and it offers an adaptable cargo area. The Toyota Camry has 15.4 cubic feet of space, which means you should have plenty of space for any luggage or equipment you might need to bring with you on a daily basis. It might not be able to move those larger objects like furniture or all your band’s instruments, but it will easily fit your golf clubs or guitar.

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For those times you need more space than passengers, you can also take advantage of the 60/40 split rear seats that come standard on every trim level. This will expand the cargo space so you fit larger objects when needed. The Camry might not be a large-size vehicle, but it can help transport everything you might need on a daily basis.

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If you are interested in learning more about the 2017 Toyota Camry, call or visit Ackerman Toyota. We will be able to answer any further questions you might have. We can even help you schedule a test drive here in St. Louis, MO. Come see what other drivers already love about the Camry!