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Toyota Remote Start FAQs

Remote start systems are convenient for all car drivers but we especially recommend them for anyone who lives in a climate that gets either really cold in winter or really hot in summer. Find answers to commonly asked Toyota remote start questions below like, “how long will my Toyota engine run after I active remote start?”

How long will my Toyota engine run after I active remote start?

Your Toyota will idle for a total of 10 minutes before going into automatic shutdown. If you would like your Toyota to idle for longer than 10 minutes, you have the option to press the remote starter again sometime within the first 10 minutes to extend the idle for 10 additional minutes. With this feature, your Toyota has the capability to idle for a total of 20 minutes. If your Toyota idles for a full 20 minutes, it will shut down automatically and must be manually started.

What do I do if my Toyota Smart Key battery dies?

Hand holding car keys in front of a white car doorHow do I use Toyota remote start?

Not all Toyota vehicles are equipped with remote start. Before trying to remotely start your vehicle, make sure you have remote start capability. To remotely start a Toyota, you need to press the lock button on your keyfob three times. The first two times should be in rapid succession and the third should be held for a total of 3 seconds.

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Why does my engine turn off when I open the door after remotely starting the vehicle?

Your Toyota will automatically turn off the engine when the door is opened as a safety precaution against theft. This is normal. You can proceed to enter and restart your vehicle as normal.

Is there a safe temperature for leaving your dog in the car?

How close do I need to be to my vehicle to use remote start?

The maximum range for a Toyota remote start system is 80 feet. This range may be shortened if you are in an environment that is blocking the signal in any way due to cement walls, hills, multiple trees etc.