Gateway Arch in St. Louis

One final summer 2019 activity

Gateway Arch Tours in St. Louis, MO.

Have you lived in St. Louis, Missouri for a while but have never been to or inside the arch? Have you always wondered what the view is like from up there? Now is the time to find out with Gateway Arch tours in St. Louis, MO. Take one final trip this summer before everyone returns back to school. Keep reading to learn more about the Gateway Arch tours.

Tram to the top of the arch

Gateway Arch tours offer you four different ways to experience the arch. The first one is a tram to the top of the arch. Did you know the arch represents the expansion of the United States and celebrates those that came before us to make it happen? Enjoy a trip to the top of the largest man-made monument in the United States! You will be taken up 63 flights to overlook the beautiful city of St. Louis and will be able to see about 30 miles to the east and to the west.

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Gateway Arch

Museum with Paintings

 Gateway Arch Museum

The second way Gateway Arch tours offers to experience the arch is through a museum. Here, you will be able to see over 200 years of history in six different themed exhibit areas. These explain the different cultures that were affected as the United States grew westward, especially focusing on the role St. Louis played during that time period.

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Riverboat Cruises

The Gateway Arch riverboat cruises have been voted as the best in St. Louis. These cruises offer a unique way to see the arch as well as downtown St. Louis. Originally, people watched the construction of the arch from the boats. Now, they are used for sightseeing, dinner, or just enjoy some time on the water.

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Boats at Night in Water

Courthouse Architecture

Old Courthouse

Finally, stop and see where history was made at the old courthouse. Visit where Dred and Harriet Scott sued for their freedom. See also where Virginia Minor sued for the right to vote. Both lost their cases, but they paved the way for getting equal voting rights for all citizens.

Interested in learning more? Visit the Gateway Arch website today! There is a great resource right at the top to help you plan your trip!

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