2016 Toyota Rav4 models

Does the 2016 Toyota RAV4 have all-wheel drive?

There are several different types of drive systems available in today’s auto market, but one in particular is rising in popularity. All-wheel drive systems provide plenty of benefits to drivers, like better traction, resale value and peace of mind. So, does the 2016 Toyota RAV4 have all-wheel drive (AWD)? The answer is yes. The benefits of AWD combined with the Toyota Rav4’s already-stunning makeup offers drivers one of the best vehicles on the road. If you’re curious to learn more about which Rav4 models offer Toyota’s AWD system, read on!

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New Toyota Rav4 trim levels with AWD

Toyota’s 2016 Rav4 comes in a variety of trim levels and also a hybrid version. See the table below to find out which Rav4 models offer the Dynamic Torque Control AWD system.

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As you can see from the table above, any 2016 Rav4 model can be fitted to include all-wheel drive. Note that the Toyota Rav4 Hybrid offers AWD-i (Electronic On-Demand AWD with Intelligence) as a standard. The all-electric system sends power to the rear wheels when necessary.

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About Toyota’s Dynamic Torque Control system

Toyota’s AWD system takes cues from various vehicle sensors, including steering, speed, throttle angle and yaw rate (the vehicle’s velocity). As the vehicle picks up input from these systems, it can adjust how much torque is thrown to the front and rear of the vehicle. Depending on the conditions, the vehicle’s power can be shifted to either the front or back wheels. Drivers who want to set the system to lock at 50:50 distribution are able to push the Lock Button to maximize the model’s grip on the road (see the video below for instructions on how to use this feature). Front-wheel drive is automatically engaged when the AWD system isn’t needed (or there isn’t any wheel slippage detected), which can help save fuel.  
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