People wearing helmets and riding a motorcycle on a country road

Is it legal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet in Missouri?

For some drivers, motorcycles represent ultimate freedom on the open road. For others, going out on the motorcycle is a perfect way to spend time with friends or get outside on a nice day. Motorcycle driving laws including whether drivers and passengers need to wear a helmet or not change by state. We break down the motorcycle laws currently in place in Missouri below.

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Do I need to wear a helmet when driving a motorcycle in Missouri?

biker girl riding on a motorcycleWhen it comes to wearing a helmet when driving or riding on a motorcycle in Missouri, this state is pretty strict. All drivers and passengers regardless of age must be wearing an appropriate helmet for safety. Wearing protective gear like a helmet, sunglasses, and pants and shirts with long sleeves can help to keep motorcycle riders safe while out on the road. Though, only a helmet is required by law.

Like we mentioned above, the laws vary from state to state. In some states, there are not rules regarding helmets for motorcycle riders of any kind and in others riders must be a certain age or have a certain health insurance package before taking off their safety gear while on a motorcycle.

Will This Law Change?

Every few years we see news articles related to removing the motorcycle helmet restrictions for Missouri drivers. While we hope the mandatory helmet law stays in place for safety, Missouri drivers should be sure to keep up with any changes in the law if something should go through. Local law enforcement officers in St. Louis or your local area are a great resource for information regarding current driving laws.

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