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2019 Toyota Prius in rain

2019 Toyota Prius Color Options

What are the exterior color options on the 2019 Toyota Prius?

The Toyota Prius is well-known for being the first Hybrid model that Toyota manufactured. Since then, it has continued to please customers across the globe. But what are the exterior color options on the 2019 Toyota Prius? There are seven exterior colors to choose from. They are electric blue storm, blizzard pearl, classic silver metallic, magnetic gray metallic, midnight black metallic, supersonic red, and sea glass pearl. Keep reading to see what these colors look like on the 2019 Toyota Prius! Read the rest of this entry >>

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Toyota Safety Connect Features

What are the Toyota Safety Connect features?

Toyota vehicles are some of the safest cars on the road. There are a variety of reasons that Toyota models are so safe. One of these reasons is the different safety features including Toyota Safety Connect. What are the Toyota Safety Connect features? Keep reading to learn more!  Read the rest of this entry >>

2019 Toyota Prius with Hybrid word on back of car

Toyota Hybrid Vehicles in St. Louis MO

What Toyota vehicles use alternative fuel?

Many people across the country are trying their best to make conscious decisions about the vehicles they drive to help eliminate CO2 emissions. Part of the struggle is that many people do not know what types of vehicles help accomplish this goal. What Toyota vehicles use alternative fuel and help eliminate CO2 emissions? The short answer is the RAV4 Hybrid, Highlander Hybrid, Corolla Hybrid, Camry Hybrid, Avalon Hybrid, Mirai and the one that started it all, the Prius. Keep reading to learn more about these different vehicles and where they are available in St. Louis, MO. Read the rest of this entry >>

2017 Toyota Prius sitting in front of a grand home

How much can I fit in the back of a Prius?

Sometimes, the Toyota Prius gets a bad rap about its small size. However, we think that is just coming from people who have never actually ridden in one before. The 2017 Toyota Prius is a mid-size sedan that can comfortably seat five with plenty of space in the back for groceries, packages, and more and we think you might be surprised at all the space its interior has to offer. Check out the cargo space dimensions of the 2017 Toyota Prius below. Read the rest of this entry >>

2018 Toyota Prius c Now Available at Ackerman Toyota

What’s New for Toyota’s Smallest Hybrid?

One of the newest offshoots of the Toyota Prius lineup, the Toyota Prius c, has proven itself to be a great match for both city drivers and budget-conscious hybrid car shoppers alike. The Toyota Prius c comes in a little shorter than the traditional Prius to offer hybrid fans a more nimble and compact option. Toyota is continuing to advance its hybrid lineup, and for the 2018 model year, car shoppers can expect the Toyota Prius c to include a new standard rearview camera, an updated interior dashboard and new interior and exterior design features. Car shoppers near St. Louis, Mo are in luck, because the 2018 Toyota Prius c is now available at Ackerman Toyota.  Read the rest of this entry >>

Used Toyota Prius Models in St. Louis MO

Which Prius Model is Right for You?

With the explosion of hybrid models recently, it would have been no surprise if the pioneer Prius got left behind for newcomers. Not only has the Prius not gotten left behind but it continues to lead the pack and we think that is a testament to how well built, reliable, and efficient the Prius model really is. Plus, Toyota expanded the lineup to offer four models with differing space and mileage capabilities so there is a right fit for everyone. Luckily for budget conscious shoppers, Ackerman has a large selection of new and used Toyota Prius models in St. Louis MO so you won’t have to sacrifice no matter what your budget. Read the rest of this entry >>

Rear Closeup of the 2017 Toyota Prius Two Eco

2017 Toyota Prius Two Eco wins the Good Housekeeping 2017 Best New Hybrid Award

2017 Toyota Prius Two Eco awarded Good Housekeeping’s best new hybrid

The 2017 Toyota Prius Two Eco was awarded Good housekeeping’s best new hybrid car of the year. Editors and engineers at Good Housekeeping chose the 2017 Toyota Prius Two Eco as the hybrid car of the year after rigorous testing of fuel economy, performance, features, and a number of other factors.

“The Prius doesn’t get as much gas mileage as an electric car, but you’ll never have to worry about finding a place to charge while you’re on the road,” said Good Housekeeping. “The knockout gas mileage you can expect from a Prius improves with every new model.”

The Good Housekeeping best car awards are awarded in a number of other categories, including compact, luxury compact, sedan, luxury sedan, crossover SUV, and electric cars. In selecting the winners, the Good Housekeeping Institute and Car and Driver automotive experts screened through more than 100 different cars. The engineers and car experts drove the vehicles more than 1,200 miles on test tracks and open roads, with the 2017 Toyota Prius Two Eco coming out on top in the hybrid category. Read the rest of this entry >>

What's new with the 2017 Toyota Prius?

What’s new with the 2017 Toyota Prius?

The Toyota Prius is one of the most well-known hybrid vehicles on the market. Toyota even discovered that 95% of all Toyota Prius models sold since 2006 are still on the road! What’s even more impressive is that Toyota manages to update this innovative vehicle each model year to include new and exciting features. Today we’re going to help you learn more about the latest model by answering the question, “What’s new with the 2017 Toyota Prius?”. Read the rest of this entry >>

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Which Toyota Models are Best for College Students?

Top 3 Toyota Cars for College Students

Choosing cars for college students can be a challenge. Thankfully, Toyota offers a wide range of diverse vehicle options so you can find the right fit for you. Basing our selections on affordability, fuel economy, and all-around dependability, we’ve chosen the top 3 Toyota cars for college students. Read the rest of this entry >>

2017 Toyota Prius v Release Date

2017 Toyota Prius v Release Date

Recently Toyota announced that they would be updating one of its Prius models to include some new technologies and capabilities. This model is the Prius v, which is the largest version of the Prius. It has SUV-like space and versatility, but still has the efficiency of a hybrid. Today we’re going to take a closer look at what this vehicle has to offer by checking out the 2017 Toyota Prius v release date. Read the rest of this entry >>