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Is there a safe temperature for leaving your dog in the car?

Families with dogs understand that they quickly become an important part of the family. It is natural to want to take them everywhere with you, especially on car rides which a lot of dogs enjoy. Most dog owners know that leaving a dog inside a hot car on a summer day can be fatal. But, are there cooler temperatures that are safe for bringing your dog along? Unfortunately, the answer is not really. Just like cars can heat up quickly in the summer, they also start dropping temperatures rapidly in the cooler weather leaving your dog susceptible to freezing temps. It is important to recognize that dogs respond to temperature differently than humans so hot and cold temperatures that may be bearable to you could be causing your dog to suffer. Another option many dog owners consider in attempts to bring their dog along on trips is to leave the windows down. So, will leaving your dog in the car with the windows rolled down be enough to protect them? Find out below.

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Can I leave my dog in the car with the windows rolled down? 

While leaving the windows down for your dog seems like an easy solution to the problem, unfortunately, it doesn’t help to keep the car as cool as you might think. Many dog owners have left their pups in the car with a water bowl and the windows cracked to disastrous results. Leaving the windows open in your car with a doggie passenger also has some other unexpected consequences. If you leave your window open wide enough, you leave an opportunity for your dog to hop out. You also give other people in the surrounding area access to your vehicle and to your pet which is not a safe practice.

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Is it illegal? 

While the suffering of your pet should be motivation enough to not leave them in a car unattended, there are animal cruelty laws that could land you a ticket or more if your dog is found unattended in your car and suffering. We suggest that if you want to bring your dog along that you also bring an extra passenger that can sit in the car with the dog while you run into the store.

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