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Spring Clean Your Toyota With These Automotive Cleaning Hacks

Today marks the first day of spring. While the weather doesn’t always cooperate with the arrival of the new season, St. Louis residents are usually eager to put winter behind them and welcome in spring with some cleaning to freshen things up. Most spring-cleaning checklists cover all areas of the home, but we encourage car owners to spend some time in their garage giving their vehicle the TLC it deserves for making it through the winter season. Find some auto detailing tips and tricks from the pros to help you with spring cleaning your vehicle below.

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Auto Detailing Tips and Tricks for Spring Cleaning

car vent with green fumes coming out of itAddress Lingering Odors

When cold weather hits, it can be tempting to put off cleaning your vehicle for a few months which can lead to some building odors. To keep everything smelling fresh, address the two most common causes of car odor during your spring clean including dirty upholstery and dirty air vents. To clean your vents, use an air sprayer with a long thin nozzle to blow any dust out from inside the vents that may be trapping odors. Then, clean vent itself with a small piece of fabric or a toothbrush to get into the small ridges.

To clean your upholstery, remove any pet hair or debris with a vacuum cleaner and then use upholstery fabric cleaner and/or a handheld steam cleaner to clean deep down. Be sure to test any new products on a small inconspicuous spot before covering your entire seat in case of a negative reaction.

Remove Winter Salt

If your fabric floor mats are covered in salt from the winter streets, vacuum off any large pieces of debris and then scrub the area with a mixture of vinegar and water. This should remove any leftover stains. The inside of your car isn’t the only place vulnerable to salt, be sure to also give your exterior a good wash and don’t skip your undercarriage with salt can build up.

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