5 steps to get your vehicle ready for a trade-in

How To: Prep Your Car for Trade-In

It’s time for a new car. To supplement the purchase cost you plan on trading in your old vehicle. It’s a smart plan. Just make sure you are prepared. There are a few things that you should know before heading to the dealership. We have listed 5 steps to get your vehicle ready for a trade-in below. Check them out before swapping for that new ride.

What should I look for in a used vehicle?

5 steps to get your vehicle ready for a trade-in

vacuuming car interiorStep 1 – Clean

While a little dirt shouldn’t actually affect the trade-in value of your vehicle, a clean vehicle gets a better first impression. Take out any extra garbage from the floors and trunk, vacuum the interior, clean the dash, and give the exterior a good wash and wax. If your vehicle has any odors let it air out for a few hours and consider cleaning the upholstery. This will go a long way toward showing the dealership that the car was kept up well.

Step 2 – Minor Repairs

This step can be tricky and largely depends on the overall condition of your vehicle. There are many repairs that the dealership can do for much cheaper than you can. For this reason, we recommend not sinking additional money into costly repairs. However, if there are any quick and easy repairs you can do yourself, like changing out a light bulb, go ahead and do those. This can also help to show the dealership that the vehicle was well cared for.

Step 3 – Gather Important Documents

Spending some time digging through your files for old documents can really pay off. You will want to make sure to bring the title, registration, and any and all service records that you can find. A car that has been serviced regularly can be more valuable than one that hasn’t. Skip the vehicle history report, your dealership should take care of that.

Step 4 – Determine Estimated Value

Research how much your car is worth before coming to the dealership. The Ackerman Toyota website has an online value your trade-in tool to help. This helps to eliminate unrealistic expectations you may have of the vehicles worth. It will also help you to gauge whether you are being offered a fair price.

Step 5 – Do Your Research

Sometimes dealerships will have promotions that offer benefits for trade-in customers. When you are ready to trade-in your vehicle make sure to do some research on local sales. If you already have a specific dealership in mind, call and ask if they have anything coming up.

Car owners looking to trade-in their vehicle near St. Louis, MO should look no further than Ackerman Toyota. Our knowledgeable staff can give you a fair price on your used car. Contact a dealership representative or fill out our value your trade tool today.