Mechanic working on brake parts

How often do I need to replace my Toyota brakes and brake pads?

Brakes are arguably the single most important part in your vehicle, but when it comes to servicing them they don’t get that much attention. Today, we want to talk about just how often your Toyota brake pads should be changed. We are also highlighting the 3 most common signs of brake wear so you can head to a professional for extra attention when you spot them and reduce the likelihood of a serious brake malfunction.

Brake and brake pad wear varies due to driving habits and the environment. While you should know your specific model’s brake change interval (you can find it in your owner’s manual) it’s also important to regularly check for signs of wear at all stages of your brake’s lifespan. On average, people need to change their brakes every 50,000 miles, but like we said this can vary widely.

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Two mechanics working under a raised vehicle3 Signs Your Brakes Need Professional Attention

  • Squeaking – The easiest and most common way to tell if your brakes are getting worn out is by a squeaking noise that occurs while braking. If you notice a squeak, it’s time to head to your local service center. Keep in mind that temporary squeaking after heavy rainfall is normal.
  • Shaking When Braking – If you feel any shaking or vibrations from your brake pedal or you notice your car pulling to one side or another, this could also be a sign of brake wear and should be looked at by a professional.
  • Brake Pad Looks Visibly Worn – If you look in between your wheel spokes you can see your brake pad resting on a metal rotor. From this view, you can visually inspect your brake pad for signs of wear or thinning.

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Toyota Brake Replacement in St. Louis MO

Drivers in the St. Louis, MO area can head to the Ackerman Toyota service center if they see signs of brake wear. Our team of technicians is available to inspect brakes and brake pads and can make sure everything is running as it should. If you do need Toyota brake pad replacement, they can also take care of that in a timely manner for a fair price.