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Does the Toyota Avalon come with Toyota Safety Sense?

Select 2018 Toyota models equipped with the standard Toyota Safety Sense system have been getting a lot of attention thanks to the value that the active safety bundle adds to each trim. Other vehicle brands offer the technology, but it is usually found on higher trim levels and add-on packages for an increased price. Toyota Avalon fans should be excited to hear the 2018 Toyota Avalon model is included in the 2018 Toyota models with standard Toyota Safety Sense. Find more information on the standard active safety features on the 2018 Toyota Avalon below.

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2018 Toyota Avalon Standard Active Safety Features

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Pre-Collision System

The Toyota Safety Sense pre-collision system helps to mitigate the likelihood of a frontal collision by alerting drivers to potential hazards with audio and visual alerts. If drivers do not respond to these alerts, the vehicle may intervene automatically by applying the brakes.

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Lane Departure Alert

When traveling at 32 miles per hour or faster and drifting into another lane without a turn signal, lane departure alert will sound audio and visual cues to alert drivers to steer back into their correct lane. If drivers do not resolve the lane drifting, lane departure alert may automatically nudge the vehicle back into the correct lane.

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Automatic High Beams

Automatic high beams use intelligent cameras to detect the presence of other vehicles on the road via their headlights. When other vehicle headlights are detected, the automatic high beam system will automatically toggle to low beams until the vehicle passes and will then resume high beam function.

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Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Dynamic radar cruise control uses front-mounted cameras to detect the distance between vehicles on the road. When the cruise control speed is set, the dynamic radar cruise control system can automatically adjust the vehicle speed to accommodate for slower drivers without the need for driver intervention. When other vehicles are no longer within distance, the set cruise control speed with automatically resume.

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Car shoppers interested in testing the Toyota Safety Sense suite of active safety systems are encouraged to stop by the Ackerman Toyota dealership in St. Louis to test drive equipped 2018 Toyota models like the 2018 Toyota Avalon.