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We have tips for removing coffee stains from upholstery

Removing coffee stains in your car

We’ve all had those kind of mornings. The water in the shower wasn’t quite warm enough. You spilled some breakfast on the clothes you were going to wear to work, etc. In hopes of a better day, you stop at your favorite coffee shop and order your favorite drink on the way to work. As you pull out of the driver thru, a teen driver cuts you off. Luckily, you save your beautiful car from what could have been thousands in damage, but your favorite coffee drink is now all over your fine upholstery. Your morning has been tough enough. Let us help you from here. That’s why Ackerman Toyota has put together an overview of removing coffee stains in your car. Read ahead to learn more! Read the rest of this entry >>

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Where can I find late model used cars in Saint Louis?

Used Cars St Louis

There seems to be no shortage of places to get used cars these days. Unfortunately this means that there are a lot of ways for someone selling a used car to take you for a ride. One trusted source for used cars in St Louis is Ackerman Toyota. Along with our full inventory of new toyota vehicles, we carry a huge and diverse selection of used cars in great condition at a wide range of prices. We make sure the every used car that comes through our business is thoroughly vetted and checked by our certified technicians. When shopping for used vehicles in St Louis, you can rest assured that at Ackerman Toyota, you are getting a quality vehicle for a fair price. Read ahead to learn more about our used car selection. Read the rest of this entry >>

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Where should I go camping in Missouri?

Best camping destinations in Missouri

It’s hard to believe it, but it’s finally spring again in Missouri! As the weather gets warmer and the air gets fresher, many of us are dying to spend time outside. There are few better ways to enjoy mother nature than camping. We’re blessed with great state parks with great camping here in Missouri. Whether you prefer “glamping,” backpacking, or car camping, there is a campsite for you in our great state. That’s why your friends here at Ackerman Toyota have put together an overview of some of the best camping destinations in Missouri. Now is the perfect time to get some friends together, and plan out the perfect trip! Read ahead to learn more! Read the rest of this entry >>

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Where can I take my mom for Mothers Day?

2017 Mothers Day brunch Saint Louis

We’re getting closer and closer to Mothers Day, and it’s about time you make sure you have the right plans. Maybe last year you forgot Mothers Day? Maybe you remembered, but you need to outdo what you did last year? No matter what you’re looking for this Mothers Day, your friends at Ackerman toyota definitely have your back! You can’t go wrong with treating your mom to a well-deserved brunch and day of pampering. That’s why we put together this post about our favorite spots for 2017 Mothers Day brunch in Saint Louis. Read ahead to learn more about Mothers Day in Saint Louis MO. Read the rest of this entry >>

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Should I buy a Toyota certified used car?

Benefits of buying a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle

Today, there are countless options for buying a new or used vehicle. After factoring out your budget, it can make sense to go for a used vehicle.  When it comes to used cars, there’s what you find at private dealers, on the side of the road, a Craigslist find, and just about what seems like a million and one odd websites to find one on. The problem with most of these used car sources is their inherent lack of transparency. A great solution to this dilemma is purchasing a certified used car. Whether it’s the great warranty or the thorough Toyota Certified Used Vehicle certification process, there are many benefits of buying a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle. Here at Ackerman Toyota, we want to help you make the most informed decision possible when it comes to your new or used vehicle, so read ahead to learn more about this great option from Toyota! Read the rest of this entry >>

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What should I look for in a used vehicle?

Tips for buying a used car

At Ackerman Toyota, we have a great selection of Toyota and non-Toyota used vehicles. We ensure that every used vehicle we sell is maintained and conditioned to the best quality before it sees the lot. Not all used car sources are this thorough, however. It can be tough, especially for new buyers to pinpoint exactly what might be beneficial, or what could hurt them in the process of purchasing a used vehicle. To help you out, Ackerman Toyota has put together a few tips for buying a used car. Read this post to ensure that you’re up to the task to check for possible defects, quality, and that you get the best deal possible while buying a used car! Read the rest of this entry >>