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What’s new in the 2016 Toyota Camry?

2016 Toyota Camry Specs and Features

If you are looking for a fun, sporty car that gives you the bold feeling of owning the road, look no further. The 2016 Toyota Camry is the car for you. Everything about this car, both inside and out, says performance fun. Let’s take a closer look at the 2016 Toyota Camry specs and features.

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Exterior Features

Let’s start with the sleek exterior. No detail has been overlooked, from the sport mesh front grille to the chrome-tipped dual exhaust. This vehicle comes standard with black, sport trimmed bezel on LED headlights and 18 in. alloy wheels with sweet machine finished accents.

Interior Features

New 2016 Toyota Camry interior cabin dashboard_oThe interior is also designed with an eye towards performance.  In fact, some like to call it a cockpit.  Heated front bucket seats are available and there are a number of sporty upholstery options. Whether you like the feel of Ultrasuede or the look of high-contrast stitching, there is an interior look that suits your style. When you are in the 2016 Camry, not only will you look good – you’ll sound good. The 2016 Toyota Camry is available with JBL Green Edge audio system – that’s 10 speakers plus a subwoofer.

Performance Specs

Performance is the name of the game for this model. It delivers an impressive 268 horsepower with its 3.5L V6 engine. The V6 offers up to an EPA-estimated 31 highway MPG. It’s also available with features such as the blind spot monitor and a pre-collision system. Both of these have audible and visual indicators to warn you of imminent collisions.

We could go on talking about this car all day, but what you really need to do is drive it. There’s no better way of understanding how bold it is. So come by and see us and we’ll head out for a spin.